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Brian May's Save Me

What is the Save Me organisation and who founded it?

According to their website, the Save Me organisation is against the cruelty to wild animals, and providing them with a ‘voice’. Founded by ex-Queen guitarist Brian May, in 2010, he noticed that many foxes were being hunted down for their skin, to make fox-fur coats, and wild animals such as deer were being ruthlessly killed for their meat, which in some instances, is considered to be quite a delicacy, and it’s quite expensive, because this is really.  What really struck Brian’s heart is when he heard of the farmers complaining about their cows being unable to produce good enough milk, or even simply dropping down and dying, due to the badgers roaming the rural parts of the UK, with the deadly disease pathogen tuberculosis, hiding in their fur, he decided to do something about it, and this is when Save Me started up.

Once the badger has the TB disease on their bodies, and due to a recent medical study, they cannot be made immune from it.  Many farmers have decided to do a mass killing of the badgers; or in other instances a cull.  Due to being an avid animal lover, and raising hundreds for charity, Brian is currently campaigning and persuading millions of Queen Fans and animal lovers across the globe to sign a e-petition, in the hope it will persuade the PM David Cameron into not letting the badger cull commence.

Brian wearing the Official Save Me T-Shirt
Brian himself has a degree in Astrophysics, which he gained in 2007 after countless hours of studying, and his own personal interest for the subject.  Being a fanatic of wildlife, he lets all types of wildlife into his garden, as well as being a vegetarian, as he refuses to eat the meat produced from farm animals because, in his own opinion, isn’t fair that the animal’s life shouldn’t be unlawfully cut short in such a way. Knowing there may be sensitive readers reading this, I’m not going to describe how they’re killed, and well we could say ‘shot in the head and dismembered’. As well as the badgers, Save Me supports the foxes as well, as their numbers are dreadfully low, and the PM’s ridiculous plan to reintroduce the fox hunt, in which was banned in 1985.

Earlier in October, Save Me won a place in the House of Commons to debate about the badger cull, and its future. This was going to be a key point in Save Me’s career but… sadly, the badger cull campaign lost their two month running campaign, and the cull begins in November, but Brian is refusing to give up, but bold out the blue, it has been suddenly postponed. If you’re not sure of this you can follow his and his assistant’s Twitter online for more info.

How has Save Me changed the lives of others?

Campaign poster
Since its debut in 2010, the Save Me organisation has helped many species of animals from being wiped out by the PM’s ruthless and cruel plans to reintroduce the fox hunt, and badger cull.
I haven’t decided to do Save Me because I’m an obsessed Queen fan. I decided to do this, because being an animal lover and in my opinion, I think the badger cull is a barbaric and chemically unkind way to treat an animal, which has done nothing to the human in all its evolution.  But if we compare Save Me to the RSPCA, Save Me only focuses on wild animals and preventing them from being culled, whereas the RSPCA focus their work on all animals everywhere, and don’t work on government funding, on the other hand, Save Me do. The RSPCA take in stray animals and force owners to sign them over when times get tough, but Save Me, just campaign against animals being killed, so in some respects the charity is pretty much worthless.  So if there was a vote for the best charity, RSPCA would win in a landslide, whereas in other respects, Save Me.

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Info – Books, Newspapers, Save Me and Brian himself  (Twitter).

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